Course Code: HQMR
Credits: 4.
Course Objectives:

After an initial review of the essential rules for the recitation of the Arabic of the Holy Qur'ān, Students will learn the specific rules of recitation and begin memorization of a selection of chapters and prayers of the Holy Qur'ān.

Skills obtained at the end of the course:

Students be able to recites correctly and with accuracy, according to the rules studied. Students will learn how to teach children and adults.


Students must have a basic ability to recite the Holy Qur'ān and have a Grade 12 Diploma.
This course begins in the first year and develop each semester as a compulsory subject.

Recommended text books:

The Holy Qur'an and Yassarnal Qur'ān Qā'ida۔

Course Support Books:

Evaluation Schedule:

1. Diagnostic assignment in week 1 (due in one week).
2. Written assignment.
3. Oral Exam and written exam.

Evaluation Criteria:

1. Assignments 20%
2. Oral Exams 50%
3. Written exam 20%
4. Contribution to positive and innovative learning 10%

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