Course Code: HQTC
Credits: 4 in first year and then 6 each semester.
Course Objectives:

After an initial review of the essential rules for the translation of the Arabic of the Holy Qur'ān into English, Students will be expected to attempt the translation of various parts of the Holy Qur'ān with increasing complexity and give reasoning for the English words or phrases. During the 6 semesters, the students will develop a professional competence in the translation such that will be able to translate the Holy Qur'ān spontaneously.

Skills obtained at the end of the course:

Students will attain a very refined understanding of Qur'ānic Arabic which they will be able to translate into the English language, according to the rules studied. Students will learn how to teach children and adults.


Students must have a basic ability to recite the Holy Qur'ān and have a Grade 12 Diploma.

Recommended text books:

The Holy Qur'ān.

Course Support Books:

"Introduction to the study of the Holy Qur'ān"

Evaluation Schedule:

1. Continuous short assignments including reflections (due each week)
2. Translation of a portion of the Holy Qur'ān.
3. Oral Exam and written exam.

Evaluation Criteria:

1. Assignments 20%
2. Oral Exams 20%
3. Written exam 20%
4. Presentation assignment 30%
5. Contribution to positive and innovative learning 10%

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