Course Code: LUR
Credits: 2 credits
Course Objectives:

The Promised Messiah (as) has given us a great treasure in the form of " Rohani Khaza'in". As all the books of The Promised Messiah (as), as well as of the Khulafā' are in Urdu, it is necessary for all the girls to have enough knowledge of Urdu language to be able to read and understand these books. Reading these books in English is not same as reading them in original language, Urdu. By learning Urdu language ,the students will be able to understand them to full extent and follow those books in correct manner. Students will be taught how to write & deliver a speech.

Skills obtained at the end of the course:

Students will be able to read, write and speak Urdu in correct manner . They would be able to understand the books of The Promised Messiah (as) as well as of the Khulafā'.

Recommended text books:

• "Urdu Book for Grade – V1" published by Punjab Text book board , Lahore
• Poems: " Ummul Kitab" from Durr-e-Sameen
• Grammar: Gender, Numbers, Antonymous, Synonymous, Idioms & phrases, Noun & its Kinds, Verbs, ,
• Dictation: " From the Urdu book for grade – VI "

Course Support Books:

Easy small story books in urdu e:g " Hadhrat Umarra" " Seerat Hadrat Amma Jaan (ra)"

Evaluation Schedule:

Writing 20%
Listening 10%
Speaking 20%
Presentation 20%
Exam 20%
Participation 10%

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