Course Code: TKL
Credits: 4
Course Objectives:

Personal, communal, public and spiritual reformation can only be achieved by the extensive and deep study of the books of The Promised Messiah (as).The students will be able to read and understand these books and follow the teachings in the best possible manner.

Skills obtained at the end of the course:

Upon completion of this course the students must have acquired the skills required to answer adequately the objections raised by non-Muslims and non- Ahmadis against Ahmadiyyat and Islam .They will also gain the knowledge to understand the meaning of the Holy Qur'ān in a better way.

Recommended text books:

• "Barakat – ud - Dua" by The Promised Messiah (as)
• " Essence of Islām" Extracts from the writings,Speeches,Announcements and discourses of the Promise Messiah (as) ( Topics: Allah the exalted( last 35 pages), prayer and purpose of creation)

Course Support Books:

Related Khutabaat and Khitaabs of Khulafā' of Ahmadiyyat.

Evaluation Schedule:

Short assignments 20%
Essay 20%
Presentation 30%
Exam 20%
Participation 10%

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