Course Title: General Studies

Credits: 1

Corse Code: GEN
Course Objectives:

This one semester course aims to provide students with essential knowledge about the solutions provided by Islam for personal, social and environmental issues. Students will discuss issues of their own expertise to share and non-faculty speakers will be invited to speak about their respective subjects. Speakers will be expected to plan, deliver and provide assessment questions for their subject. Students will also be assessed on their ability to plan and deliver their lectures/ workshop. Subjects cover science, health, law and citizenship.

Skills obtained:

Students will learn how to solve personal, social and environmental problems with reference to the Holy Qur'an. Students will be introduced to various subjects and how they inter-relate and demonstrate the unity and perfection of Allah in His creation.


Students must have Grade 12 Diploma.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama‘at Canada Inc.

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