Financial issues:

Registration $200 per semester f/t or $100 p/t
Fees $50 per month f/t or $25 p/t
Books 50% discount


Apply to the Talim department see

Waqifāt Nau:

Full fees payable

Wife of Wāqif Zindagī, Murabbī:

Full fee refundable.

Part-time students:

Fees divided over the part-time period as per Academy fee policy. Please contact Administration for further details.


The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamā'at of York Region is able to assist with finding suitable accommodation for students and their families. Students must inform the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamā'at at least one month before the commencement of their course of study having been registered for the course.
Students need to rent contracted accommodation with local land-lords or try to stay with close family. Hostel arrangements are available to ʻAisha Academy Students at an affordable cost with in-Residence Warden.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamā'at takes no responsibility for any contract issues or personal matters and is available for advice only.


Students who need assistance with daily transportation may obtain information and advice from the Administration office on request.
Students who live close to each other are encouraged to arrange car-pooling or shared, contracted taxi service.

Support Services

ESL and USL:

Students for whom English is a second language, but have equivalence of a grade 12 Diploma, extra ESL classes are available to assist these students with undergraduate reading, research and writing skills.
Students for whom Urdu is a second language or unknown language, USL classes are available to assist them with undergraduate reading, writing and oral skills.


Students are encouraged to seek advice and counseling from staff who are all bound by confidentiality and ethics agreement contracts.
Students are advised that they should use the Academy as a Launchpad to solve community issues as well as personal issues within the counseling scaffolding structure set at the Academy under the supervision of the President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamā'at.


What is the difference between graduation and convocation? Graduation is the term used to acknowledge that you have met your degree requirements and you have been approved by the governing body to graduate from the program. Convocation refers to the ceremony where the Chancellor confers the degree.
Students must ensure that the Academy has the correct spelling of their full names on file so that diplomas are prepared accurately.
Ceremonies are scheduled for June or July at the Academy Family Dinner with National President of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamā'at. Details of the event is provided to students near the date.
Diplomas are normally distributed the day of the convocation ceremonies. For those students who are unable to attend, or who did not receive their diploma the day of the ceremony, diplomas may be picked up from Student Client Services after convocation has taken place. Students who are unable to attend and wish to have their diplomas mailed to them may do so by making these arrangements with Student Client Services or via fax to the Registrar's Office.
A student obtains a diploma for satisfactory completion of his or her academic program on the condition that all of their Academy debts have been paid.


Academy uniform:

• White, long shirt (plain and simple, non-shiny) and pants (Shalwar kameez or similar)
• White socks and under garments
• Blue uniform scarf (to be purchased from the uniform office)
• Black indoor shoes.
• Black, uniform burka (to be ordered from the uniform office) or any long coat (lower than knees)
• Full scarf for outdoor wear

Sports uniform:

• White or blue, long sleeve, long sports shirt
• Black sports pants
• Non-marking shoes

Important Dates

Islamic Sociology Diploma

 Courses will run from February to January or September to June with 2 main breaks in winter and summer.

Option 1-winter Option 2- summer
Application Deadline January 20th May 30th
Interview/ Admission test January 22nd June 11th
Registration February 4th September 20th

Although the application deadline is set at January 20th, applications may continue to be processed up to 4th February and beyond if necessary.

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