Aims and Objectives:

The 'Aisha Academy opened in response to the Majlis Shūrā 2009 proposal #6 on the approval of Hadrat Khalīfatul Masīh V (aa). The plan proposed caters for the needs of the first batch of Waqifāt Nau who as Waqf need to be trained concerning career/ volunteer duties as dedicated lajna.
The Academy opened in September 2011 with 12 students who wanted to serve the Jamā'at with a higher level of commitment and knowledge. As the Academy grows, there is a larger group of lajna (17-30years) who need a full time educational experience to prepare them as active and successful members of lajna.
The New Diploma Course will deliver a program which caters for the students who can commit one year to study for the purpose of becoming active and knowledgeable members of lajna in response to Hudūr's request at his visit in June 2012 when our beloved Hudūr (aa) declared that:

" least 25% of lajna must attend the Aisha Academy and then we can solve the problems in the Jamā'at...."



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