Course Code: THA
Credit : 2
Course Objective:

Personal, communal and public spiritual reformation can only be achieved by extensive and deep studies of the Hadīth of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw). The students will be able to read and understand "40 Gems of Beauty" compiled by Hadhrat Mirzā Bashir , "Hadeeqatus Saliheen" and other books of Hadīth, and follow the teachings in the best possible manner.

Skilled Obtained at the end of the Course:

Upon completion of this course the students will be able to provide a Hadīth to explain how to solve many social problems or questions. Students will produce resources which can be used to enlighten those who would otherwise not be aware of the Hadīth and their deep meaning .

Course Outline:

The students will be required to read "40 Gems of beauty" , "Hadeeqatus Saliheen" and other sources of Hadīth to clarify each moral lesson provided by hadith.

Recommended Text Books:

Course Support Books: Relevantly related books installed on

Evaluation Schedule:

Students will be required to read 1-2 Hadīth per week. During the week the students will be required to do different assignments on the reading material. At the end of each book, they will be required to write a summary and do presentation.

Course Evaluation:

Assignments 20%
Monthly assignements 20%
Presentations 30%
Written Exam 20%
Contribution to positive learning 10%

Pre requisites:

Students are expected to be proficient in reading Arabic and English.

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