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Under the blessed leadership of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalīfatul Masīḥ V (may Allah be his Helper), ‘Aisha Academy Canada’s leadership team includes:

Respected Lal Khan Malik Sahib, Amir Jama’at Ahmadiyya, Canada

In the Name of Allah, the Gracious, the Merciful

Assalamo alaikum wa Rahmatullah wa Barakatoh!

The motto of Lajna Imāillāh is: “No nation can progress without educating their women”. By the grace of Allah, ‘Aisha Academy Canada is serving the educational needs of Lajna Imāillāh.

Ahmadī women have a crucial role in the upbringing of our future generations. Attaining profound understanding of Islāmic teachings enables them to instill strong religious foundations and moral values in their children.

Aims and objectives of Lajna Imāillāh, state that “It is necessary that women start increasing their knowledge and spread this knowledge to other women ….”

Knowledge and services of Lajna Imāillāh is particularly important in western society where anti-Islām fervour is ever increasing. The Founder of Lajna Imāillāh, Hazrat Khalīfatul Masīḥ II (may Allah be pleased with him!) provided a solution, stating:

“The enmity for Islām, that is instilled in children through women (mothers) in anti-Islām circles, can be countered only through our women. Further, if a spirit of sacrifice can be created in children, then that can also only occur through mothers. Thus, besides their own spiritual and academic progress, the progress of the future Jamā‘at is mostly dependent upon the efforts of women, since the influence, which children retain when grown up, is not as deep as is retainable in childhood. Similarly, the reformation of women can also occur through women.”

‘Aisha Academy Canada provides an opportunity for the Ahmadī Muslim girls and women of all ages to enhance their religious knowledge and be a part of spiritually enriched society. 

Our beloved Imam, Hazrat Khalīfatul Masīḥ V (may Allah be his Helper!) takes keen interest in the upbringing and empowerment of Ahmadī Muslim women. Huzoorᵃᵃ instructed in June 2012, that “the education of ladies is of utmost importance and at least 25% of [our] ladies should obtain education at the ‘Aisha Academy”.

In accordance with the blessed guidance, the National Ta‘līm Department and ‘Aisha Academy Board is working diligently to uphold superior teaching and learning standards and to provide exceptional learning experiences for Ahmadī girls and women.

Responsibilities of Ahmadī Muslim women extend beyond gaining worldly knowledge. They must attain deep understanding of religion and promote a lifestyle that exemplifies true Islāmic teachings.

I pray that ‘Aisha Academy Canada continues to be a source of enlightenment and growth for generations to come. May Allah guide the leadership and staff of the institution and grant them passion and dedication to uphold the highest educational standards! May He enable them to provide exemplary learning experience to Ahmadī girls and women!

May all those who come to learn in this institution be in complete obedience to Khilafat! May they fill their lives with peace, wisdom, compassion, and knowledge! Ameen!

Lal Khan Malik, Serving as National Amir Jamā‘at Canada

Respected Dr. Tauseef Khan Sahib, National Secretary Ta’lim, Canada

‘Aisha Academy Canada is the premier religious education institute for Ahmadī women. It caters to both Waqifāt Nau and those who are not part of the Waqf Nau scheme but wish to increase their religious education.

Huzoorᵃᵃ in his 2023 Lajna UK Ijtimā‘ address referred to a speech by Hazrat Musleh Mau‘ūdʳᵃ who discussed the standards of faith to which Ahmadī Muslim women should aspire. Hazrat Musleh Mau‘ūdʳᵃ stated: “It is true that Islām has prescribed a division of labor wherein men are given the principal responsibility for providing financially for their family, while women are given the primary duty of running the home affairs and morally training their children. Irrespective of this distinction, Islām has greatly emphasized the importance of educating girls and ladies so that their potential is unlocked and they become assets to their community…Furthermore, being educated will enable mothers to nurture and guide their children in such a way that they develop into well-rounded and responsible citizens who contribute positively to their communities.”

Huzoorᵃᵃ also said: “In order to be successful in Tabligh, you must seek to increase your religious knowledge. Always remember that today, knowledge and prayers are our only weapons of choice in the cause of spreading Islām. In front of all Ahmadī women is the example of Hazrat Aishaʳᵃ, who, in terms of religious knowledge, attained a rank far beyond the men of her time, or indeed, any other era.”

Then Huzoorᵃᵃ said: “Women have the potential to scale the greatest intellectual heights, and so you must never underestimate yourselves. Rather, seek to fulfill your rich potential, as it will provide you with the capability to raise your children in a way that they grow to be beneficial to society. It will also enable you to defend your faith and beliefs.”

“These days, once again, the Khatam-e-Nabuwat issue, i.e., the Finality of Prophethood, is being raised very loudly by our opponents as they seek to incite people against Ahmadiyyat. They claim we don’t believe the Holy Prophetˢᵃʷ to be the Seal of the Prophets. In this regard, it was a woman who provided the answer to this question long ago. Hazrat Aishaʳᵃ said, “Say, he is the Seal of the Prophets, but do not say that there is no prophet after him.” With these insightful and profound words, Hazrat Aishaʳᵃ settled the debate by clarifying that while the Holy Prophetˢᵃʷ was the final law-bearing prophet, the door to prophethood remained open. She made this statement due to her wisdom and foresight as she recognized the future dissent over this issue. Regrettably, so-called Muslim clerics who consider themselves scholarly and wise, have fallen prey to the ignorance and falsehood that Hazrat Aishaʳᵃ tried to save the Muslim ummah from.”

Huzoorᵃᵃ said: “So now it lies in the hands of the Ahmadī women to strive to emulate the example of Hazrat Aishaʳᵃ and guide the world.”

Thus, ‘Aisha Academy Canada is named after Hazrat Aishaʳᵃ, and this institution aims to provide a solid religious education to Ahmadī women to increase their knowledge and intellect for serving Islām, and nurturing and guiding their children. I pray that this institution can fulfill this goal.


Dr. Tauseef Ahmad Khan, Humbly serving as National Secretary Ta‘līm

Respected Nabeela Shahid Sahiba, Chair ‘Aisha Academy Board, Canada

In the Name of Allah, The Gracious, The Merciful

May peace and blessings be upon you all, Ameen!

It brings me great pleasure to welcome you to ‘Aisha Academy Canada, an institute dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, empowerment, and spiritual growth. Here, you explore the teachings of the Holy Qur’an, the Holy Prophetˢᵃʷ, the Promised Messiahᵃˢ, and the Khulafā’-e-Ahmadiyyat. Their wisdom guides us and shapes us as daughters, sisters, mothers, wives, and individuals who contribute meaningfully to the world. 

Islām serves as our guiding light. Safeguarding women’s rights and values in all aspects of life, it forms a beautiful pattern that combines our roles and duties. However, embracing its teachings fully requires seeking knowledge; without it, our understanding remains incomplete.

Throughout history, scholarly women in Islām and Ahmadiyyat have been at the forefront, not only in acquiring and preaching Islāmic knowledge but also excelling in various professional fields. They’ve been successful entrepreneurs, doctors, engineers, teachers, and leaders in their respective domains. They serve as inspirational examples, showcasing that one can excel both in religious education and secular knowledge, just as our beloved Imam, Hazrat Khalīfatul Masīḥ V (may Allah be his Helper) envisions for Ahmadī women. He yearns for us to embrace education in its entirety, to not just excel in the secular realm but to delve into the wealth of religious knowledge. As I ponder over his words, I am moved by the depth of his wish for us to understand our purpose, our identity, and to stand firmly rooted in our beliefs.

I invite you to join us at ‘Aisha Academy Canada to seek the Islāmic knowledge, not merely for personal gain but to honour our legacy, enrich our lives, and support our community. Let’s live the values of Islām Ahmadiyyat, not just in speech but through our actions, making a positive impact. 

I pray to Allah Ta’ala: “O Allah, the Bestower of Knowledge, grant us the wisdom to seek knowledge that enriches our souls and enlightens our paths. Bless us with understanding, compassion, and the courage to apply this knowledge for the betterment of ourselves and humanity. Guide us on a path that leads to Your pleasure and grants us success in this life and the hereafter. May we and our generations always be strongly and firmly bonded to the Khilāfat, drawing strength, guidance, and unity from its divine wisdom. Ameen sum Ameen!”

With bundles of prayers, 

Nabeela Shahid, Humbly serving as the Board Chair, ‘Aisha Academy Canada


Respected Amatul Hai Shah Sahiba, Principal

Respected Aysha Khalid Sahiba, Vice Principal

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