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The 'Aisha Academy

In the heart of the GTA, ‘Aisha Academy Canada stands as a testament to over a decade of dedication to academic and spiritual growth. Established in 2011, our institution has been nurturing minds and souls, and we invite you to become a part of this thriving community.

‘Aisha Academy Canada takes great pride in offering a comprehensive educational experience that goes beyond the confines of traditional learning. Our institution serves as a haven where academic excellence and spiritual development seamlessly blend. Our curriculum is thoughtfully crafted with a strong dedication to imparting Islāmic values and wisdom that will serve as enduring guides for our students throughout their lifelong journeys.

“At least 25% of women should attend ‘Aisha Academy.”
Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalīfatul Masīḥ V (may Allah be his Helper), June 2012
Mission Statement

‘Aisha Academy Canada is committed to empowering Ahmadi Muslim women with Qur’ānic knowledge. It facilitates scholarly educators to disseminate knowledge, generate research, and inculcate the highest level of Islāmic values, thus contributing wisdom, compassion and knowledge to a global society.

Vision Statement

‘Aisha Academy Canada facilitates the education & empowerment of women. These women will serve as missionaries, social workers, and educators for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community; hence the community at large. In this way women will provide Islām’s response to social issues with reference to scripture, policy & practice.

The Story of ‘Aisha Academy

Hazrat Khalīfatul Masīḥ IVrh launched the blessed Waqf-e-Nau Scheme with a vision that a dedicated group of children will be trained to serve the ever growing needs of the Jama’at. These children will thus become the frontline helpers in the preparation for the final victory of Islām.

For Waqifeen Nau (male children) there are avenues to obtain extensive religious education if they like, such as through enrolling in Jamia Ahmadiyya Canada. However, for Waqifaat (female children) such an institution did not exist in Canada.

And thus, to fulfill these needs, Majlis Shura Canada 2009, proposed the launch of ‘Aisha Academy Canada; an institution for the purpose of moral and intellectual development of girls. This was graciously approved by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalīfatul Masīḥ V (may Allah be his Helper) and under the instruction of Ḥuzūr-e-Anwar (may Allah be his Helper), ‘Aisha Academy Canada officially opened on September 20th, 2011 in the upper floor of Bait-e-Nusrat, a Lajna building in Vaughan, Ontario. Under the close guidance and supervision of Respected Lal Khan Malik Sahib, Amir Jama’at Canada and National Secretary Ta’lim Sahib, ‘Aisha Academy Canada launched two programs: the 3 Year Mubashira Diploma and the 1 Year Certificate Program.

‘Aisha Academy’s humble beginning started with one principal, two teachers, and one office administrator who dedicated the next three years of their lives to the service of this institution. The first batch of students, also referred to as “The ‘Aisha Academy Bouquet” consisted of 12 girls, from different walks of life, who united under the common goal of gaining religious knowledge to serve and perpetuate the true message of Islām.

In February 2023, following the recommendation of the National Ta’lim Board, the ‘Aisha Academy Board was created to oversee the operations of ‘Aisha Academy Canada and the Girls’ Hifzul Qur’ān School and to revive the mission and vision of this blessed institution. The ‘Aisha Academy Board will ensure that both institutions maintain the highest standards of religious education and serve as exemplars of learning for Ahmadi girls and women. The board will provide direct supervision, strategic direction, performance evaluation, and administrative oversight to ‘Aisha Academy. Additionally, it will provide immediate assistance and address any concerns that may arise in a timely manner.

The Annual Dinner of ‘Aisha Academy in June 2023 was a special occasion to mark its 10th anniversary of providing religious education to Ahmadi Women of Canada. The event was hosted by the teachers and students of ‘Aisha Academy and Girls’ Hifzul Qur’ān School, who honoured the teachers for their dedication and service. A plaque as a token of appreciation was given to one of the long-serving staff members of ‘Aisha Academy. The Academy also welcomed its former staff members and alumni, who shared their memories and experiences. Some of the past and recently graduated students were commemorated by presenting certificates for varying accomplishments. The guests of honour included Respected Lal Khan Malik sahib (Amir Jama’at Ahmadiyya Canada), Dr. Tauseef Khan Sahib (National Secretary Ta‘līm Canada), Respected Amtul Salam Sahiba Malik Sahiba (National Sadr Lajna Ima’illah Canada), Respected Nabeela Shahid Sahiba (Chair of ‘Aisha Academy Board), and Board members of the Academy; Respected Salma Farooqi Sahiba, and Respected Aisha Mohammad Sahiba.

The ‘Aisha Academy Board has taken many initiatives to achieve the target given to us by our beloved Ḥuzūr e Anwaraa that:

“At least 25% of women should attend ‘Aisha Academy.” (Hazrat Khalīfatul Masīḥ V may Allah be his Helper – June 2012)

The board has removed the age limit so more Ahmadi women can benefit from the institution. They have been introducing many new courses to make ‘Aisha Academy accessible to almost all Ahmadi women & girls.

May Allah the Almighty bless these changes and make ‘Aisha Academy Canada and the Girls’ Hifzul Qur’ān School beacons of knowledge and guidance for our girls. Ameen!

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