Application Process

To apply for Girls’ Hifzul Qur’ān School, you will need to observe these steps:

  • Fill and submit the Application Form for your child. *Please note: The deadline to apply for the new academic year is April 30th.
  • Submit these documents along with the Application Form:
    • A copy of their last report card from school
    • Government issued ID (Health Cards are not accepted)
    • A copy of any awards they have received (optional)
  • Upon receiving these documents, you will be given the interview syllabus and a date for the interview. The interview syllabus will contain the surahs that must be memorised before the interview. Students will be given 6-8 weeks to complete their memorisation.
  • On the interview day, the assigned surahs from the syllabus will be tested with basic Nazirah. A small verse will be assigned for memorisation during the interview. Parents/Guardians will fill and submit the Interview Questionnaire. Results will be emailed within a week after the interview.
  • Upon the success of the interview, an admission letter will be sent out.**
  • This letter will include the student’s personal ‘Aisha Academy email account and all future correspondence will be completed through this.
  • They will then be added in Google Classroom for their Ontario curriculum classes.

** If the interview has not been deemed successful, with the consent of the parent(s) your daughter will be placed in GHQS on a 1-3 month probation where her progress and skills will be monitored. Please be aware that successful completion of the probationary period is a requirement for continued enrollment. If the standards of performance and conduct expected during this period are not met, it may unfortunately lead to discontinuation of the enrollment at GHQS.

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