Tuition Fees

The tuition fee applies to both ‘Aisha Academy’s regular courses as well as short courses.

  • One time non-refundable registration fee: $75.00, valid for a period of 3 academic years.*
  • Course Fee: $50.00 per course** (to be paid for an entire semester)

Tuition fees will be paid via the AMJ online portal. Students are required to save their receipts and submit them to the administrative office. Payment must be made before being registered into classes.

*The validity period expires 3 years from the date of payment whether courses are taken or not.

**Course fee is refundable provided the course has not begun. Once the course has started, no course fee will be refundable. Requesting a refund will require a copy of the receipt, and a written notice to the Academy’s administration. Refunds will be processed in 2 – 3 weeks after the request has been submitted.

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