Application Process

The application process for studies at ‘Aisha Academy Canada will include the following:

  • Fill and submit the Admission Application Form
  • Candidate must email in a copy of the following to
    • Educational Certificates (High School Diploma, Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent)
    • Any work experience (optional)
    • Government issued ID (Health Cards are not accepted)
    • Language Proficiency documents (if applicable)
  • Upon receiving these documents, we will set up an interview date for you. The interview will take place online through Google Meet and will be administered by 2 or 3 members of the faculty.
  • Wait for our admission decision. We will notify you of our decision by email with further instructions.
  • A form will be sent to confirm your courses.
  • Pay your registration and course fees (see Tuition Fees for instructions).
  • Email your payment receipt to:
  • Once everything has been received, a letter detailing onboarding instructions will be sent to you with your student number and email address.
  • You will then be added to your selected courses in Google Classroom and can start attending as soon as classes begin!

Click here to find our Admission Forms 

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